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The aim of ambitainment is to immerse yourself in atmospheres or moods at the push of a button through an audiovisual experience of the highest quality.


The system consists of three large, vertically arranged screens that form a panoramic window front. They allow an impressive view of the seas, rivers and mountains of our planet.

There is a deliberate distance between the screens, there are 3 slim elements, which nevertheless result in a homogeneous overall picture. For example, if a ship moves out of a screen, it reappears on the next screen after a short time. 


They are also the virtual stage on which life-size professional musicians provide an unobtrusive live concert atmosphere, almost as if the band were actually there.

I started the project 7 years ago. With 30 years of professional experience and as a studied music producer in the field of theater and film music production, I was able to win talented musicians with stage experience for the first recordings.

The idea was very well received!


I found a stable technical solution to play the whole band of music divided on 3 screens. It should work very reliably without failure.

Each musician appears life-size and conveys the feeling of a live band.


Since 2015, this system has been playing around the clock, 7 days a week at our first customers.

Shortly after completion, I got the opportunity to set up the system in the hotel bar of the 5-star Park Hyatt Hotel  in downtown Hamburg. Phil Collins, Sting, Lionel Richie, Adele, Helene Fischer and many others have been entertained by the Ambitainment system bands over the past 5 years.


The future holds technical innovations. From the second quarter of 2022, the bands will also be available as a projection on a holographic foil/stage. Thanks to deepfake technology, stars of past decades will be able to appear posthumously in the near future.


The system is now represented in over 150 locations throughout Europe: Hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, shopping centers, cruise ships and private homes are among our enthusiastic, loyal customers.


Ambitainment consists of a media server, 3 displays in portrait mode and a sound system. We use professional hardware from the signage sector, which is particularly fail-safe and designed for continuous use around the clock.

The system can get the content online via LAN connection or offline via Micro SD card. Various arrangements are available for the content, which are tailored to the respective industries. 

Unlike Netflix and Co, Ambitainment does not work with streaming, but downloads the content completely in the background before it is played. Network and bandwidth problems therefore never lead to image failure or reduced image quality. The system is absolutely stable and plays non-stop 365 days a year. It is not a MAC or PC, but specialized hardware that is used where operational security is paramount. There are no mechanical parts such as fans, hard drives, etc. 

The arrangements include playlists that are played according to a preset schedule. The included cloud-based digital signage system allows you to add your own content to the program flow from anywhere using a browser. With our APP for Android phones/tablets you can access the program at any time and select other content manually.


The following sizes are available:


3x 65 inch display results in a total width of 2.98m and height of 1.42m

3x 75 inch display results in a total width of 3.46m and height of 1.66m

3x 84 inch display results in a total width of 3.85m and height of 1.87m

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