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Area of application for hotels and cruises

Experience professional musicians up close and life-size on 3 large vertical displays, as if they were live on stage.
Lounge jazz with a cocktail, a string ensemble with an hors d'oeuvre or a Bavarian band with a white sausage breakfast? DJ/DJane provide a club atmosphere. With Singing Walls you have the right background for every occasion.
The authentic concert experience can also take place at low volume, so that your guests can talk undisturbed. Your guests stay longer and come back.

If no music is to be played, the system becomes a panoramic window front with a view of the most beautiful natural and urban panoramas in our world. Enjoy the view of the Canale Grande with its gondolas, the arrival of the ships at the Hamburg harbor birthday, the sunset with a view of Manhattan and other metropolises, a Caribbean beach atmosphere or numerous natural panoramas with a view of mountains, fields and lakes. The world is just a push of a button away. Unlike TV formats, our films are shot from a perspective, like the view out the window. The viewer observes the passing of the clouds, people and animals or the sea surf... our image content always has a calming and decelerating effect on the viewer. That is the concept of Singing Walls.

Singing Walls has been established on the market for 6 years and since then has made a significant contribution to increasing sales and guest satisfaction in over 150 hotels.

By merging entertainment and digital signage, your advertisements will receive significantly more attention. The core of the system is professional and fail-safe digital signage hardware. With the associated cloud, you can upload content and information, such as billboards and image films, from anywhere using a browser and thus supplement or replace existing systems.

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