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Ambitainment = Ambience + Entertainment

Ambitainment creates subtle moods and a feel-good atmosphere in every location.

​Contrary to everyday digital life, in which the user is overly stimulated by a great deal of information from the web, on advertising displays and on TV, ambitainment has a relaxing effect on the viewer.

For hotels, bars, casinos, restaurants, cruise ships, company foyers, wellness oases, fitness centers, waiting areas, e.g. in medical practices or car dealerships, retirement homes , museums and of course also for private homes .

For each area we offer the appropriate atmospheric background with the additional functionalities of a modern digital signage system .

These customers trusted us


Live music ambience

The enthusiasm for music played live is firmly anchored in all cultures. Experience professional musicians up close and life-size on 3 large displays, as if they were live on stage just a few meters away. A concert from the viewer's perspective.

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Nature & city ambience

Blossoming mountain landscapes and dreamlike beaches…. experience nature from its spectacular side on the panoramic window front. A holistic, visual and acoustic experience. Or immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of the most popular cities from Venice to New York. 


Art ambience

Crackling open fire,  colorful fish in the aquarium but also completely artificial image worlds or a picture gallery of great painters create artistic flair. 

Advertising via digital signage

You will also receive a fully-fledged cloud-based signage system with the latest functionalities. Es  enabled impressive images on 3 monitors and can therefore replace existing systems. 


The Story

I started the project 7 years ago. With 32 years of professional experience and as a studied music producer in the field of theater and film music production, I was able to win talented musicians with stage experience for the first recordings.

My goal at Ambitainment is to immerse yourself in atmospheres or moods at the push of a button through an audiovisual experience of the highest quality.

The idea was very well received!

Till Parniewski



The contents of the ambitainment system are uploaded both online and offline.
You can choose between different arrangements that pick up on seasonal themes such as the seasons, Christmas, Easter, Oktoberfest , etc.


Andreas Wienecke
Managing Director,
Design Hotel Wienecke XI.

"For the Ambitainment system 2016, we built a small stage in front of the window front in our lobby, in which a 3 x 75 inch screen is integrated. During the day, our guests experience the most beautiful views of Hanover from Maschsee to Herrenhausen Gardens, and in the evening, if required, the "Live -Bands". We operate a second system in parallel in our foyer. I am happy to recommend the ambitainment system."


Daniel Repp
Hotel  Sombea

We installed the 75-inch displays ourselves.


The displays blend in perfectly with our bar area and the "virtual" musicians enhance the lounge atmosphere.


That's exactly what we wanted!

Uli-Martin Gehr Feldberger Hof.jpg

Uli Martin Gehr
Financial and technical management,
otel  Feldberger Hof

"Singing Walls recently upgraded our system installed in 2018. We now have a much larger program selection and can add our own content via the cloud, which greatly expands the capabilities of our system. 
The Hamburg guys from Singing Walls can support us at any time via remote access. Well done!

Christian Pfiz Farbe.jpg

Christian Pfiz
General Manager Marketing,  Contitech Drive Systems

"Continental rented the system for various events. Music bands were played with it at the evening events, which created a very special atmosphere. In addition, commercials could also be presented with it.

I think that's a great idea!"

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